Gaming Affiliate Application

**This application is intended for organizations based in the United States**

Welcome to Ben Q's affiliate application page!

As a gaming organization, we understand that one of your highest priorities is maintaining a top performing team. And as a team performs well, they should have the necessary tools to continue furthering their brand. Likewise, BenQ is continuously looking for unique individuals and groups to help promote our cause. 

In filling out the form below, we hope to learn about all the things you have been working towards so that we can determine how to best align ourselves with your goals. Our affiliate program offers promotional opportunities, access and discounts to equipment, and so much more.

The program is divided into three distinct categories:

  • Platinum Level
  • Gold Level 
  • Silver Level

While submitting an application does not guarantee sponsorship, it does guarantee consideration. If selected, your organization will be placed into one of the above categories. Placement into a specific category is based on the factors listed for each level. To qualify for a specific level, your organization should meet at least two of the factors listed. 

If you feel that there is pertinent information about your organization that does not fit into any of the categories below, feel free to make note of it in the "Additional Information" section.


Thank you for your submission and we look forward to a possible partnership with you in the near future.

Benefits to Being an Affiliate

As an affiliate, you have access to the following:
  • Discounts on BenQ products for your gaming needs
  • Branded coupons to earn commission for your organization
  • BenQ promotional items (i.e. stickers, web banners, logos, etc.)
  • And more...