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 InstaShow: 4K Classroom Screen Sharing Without Licenses


Why Is InstaShow the
World's Best Classroom
Screen Sharing


Why do Teachers love InstaShow?

Educators love the simplicity and versatility of InstaShow. Teachers are using InstaShow to seamlessly share up to four screens at once in silky smooth 4K quality. 

Most of all, teachers love InstaShow because it is powerful yet easy to use. Share the screen of any device in the room with 3 simple steps.

Connect the InstaShow. Tap the button. You're sharing your screen.

It's that easy - every single time.




Max Resolution Split-Screen

Maximum Bandwidth

Use Per Display

Google Chromecast 4K No 25 Mbps
Airtame 1080p No 13 Mbps
Vivi 1080p Yes 18 Mbps
Kramer Via 1080p Yes 25 Mbps
Mersive Solstice 4K Yes Not disclosed
BenQ InstaShow 4K Yes 0 Mbps

Why do IT Managers love InstaShow?

InstaShow is a campus IT manager's best friend. There are no messy cables or complicated ports to configure. Just connect the receiver and you're ready to present from any HDMI device. InstaShow works seamlessly with any operating system, so no one has to worry about compatibility. 

Best of all, InstaShow doesn't use WiFi, saving bandwidth and freeing up your school's network for teaching activities.


Why do Administrators love InstaShow?

 In adopting InstaShow, administrators are future-proofing their school's wireless screen sharing needs. 

InstaShow can be remotely managed, requires no licenses, and no network bandwidth. It's also encrypted right out of the box, so security isn't a worry. 

Their teachers are able to share any HDMI signal from any device, and IT managers can run the whole system remotely. InstaShow is corporate-level screen sharing designed specifically for schools, only better.

Best of all...InstaShow never requires a software license. 

Future Proof Screen Sharing  

How Does InstaShow Work?

Schools around the world are using InstaShow to revolutionize classroom screen sharing and teaching. Keep reading to see how you can use InstaShow to improve collaboration in your school. 

Device Comparison

IT managers have to evaluate a variety screen sharing systems. Check out these comparison articles to see how InstaShare stacks up to existing solutions available today. 


Airtame 2
vs InstaShow

Mersive Solstice
vs InstaShow

Mersive Solstice Pod
vs InstaShow

vs InstaShow

ClickShare for Huddle Spaces
vs InstaShow

Airparrot 2
vs InstaShow

Apple TV
vs InstaShow

Peerair Wireless AV
vs InstaShow

Panasonic PressIT
vs InstaShow

Barco ClickShare CS100
vs InstaShow

Optoma Quickcast
vs InstaShow

Kramer via Go
vs InstaShow

Kramer VIA Connect Pro
vs InstaShow

vs InstaShow

Crestron AirMedia
vs InstaShow

Try InstaShow at Your School Today!

InstaShow is the most versatile, powerful, and intuitive screen sharing system ever designed for the classroom. We want you to try it for yourself.

We're so confident you'll like it, we're offering $200 off to try your first InstaShow WDC20E. 

This discount is exclusive to teachers, school administrators, and campus IT staff. Complete the form below to get started.


Customers are raving about InstaShow

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InstaShow WDC20E Amazon Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars 

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