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Shopify and Jamboard

Shopify is the leading multichannel commerce platform, with thousands of employees across the globe. Shopify uses Jamboard as a tool to help communicate clearly and efficiently with their teams.


Google Meet for Jamboard

Videoconferencing just got better with Meet for Jamboard. This feature is the perfect upgrade for small meeting rooms or huddle spaces, greatly increasing meeting efficiency.

Eisenhower Matrix-1

Eisenhower Matrix

Learn how to utilize the Eisenhower Matrix, also referred to as the Urgent-Important Matrix, on Jamboard to prioritize tasks and increase your teams productivity.

Reading Material

Some helpful guides to get you started.

Jamboard Whiteboard

Whiteboarding with Jamboard

Here you'll find the tips, templates, and best practices your team needs to become better whiteboarders (and in turn, better brainstormers and collaborators).


Quick Start Guide

Get started with a brief overview of all the Jamboard tools and their functions. Learn how to perform some of the core functions of Jamboard and start jamming today!


Use Case for Creative Agencies

There’s nothing like working in a fast paced creative environment, surrounded by imagination, artistry and ingenuity. But the business of ideas comes with its challenges…


Real-time collaboration anytime, anywhere

Whether at home or in the office, join your team for real-time ideation and collaboration using any of the following methods: Jamboard to Jamboard, Jamboard app, Chrome browser, or Hangouts Meet.