BenQ America Corp. Announces XL-Z Series Gaming Monitor Firmware Update And Support for Authorized Third-Party Software Utilities

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Mar 21, 2014

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming MonitorThe belief behind our gaming monitors is simple. Deliver market-first features that give you, the gamer, an opportunity to edge out your opponents. That's why we design all of our gaming products in close collaboration with professional gamers. Using behind-the-scenes input, testing, and feedback, our engineers are able to develop significant innovations that create amazing onscreen experiences for all gaming enthusiasts and pro gamers.

With the release of our new XL-Z Series, we pushed the limits of performance once again by becoming the first major brand to provide blur reduction technology on our monitors. Using this technique, blurring effects are dramatically reduced on the majority of the screen to provide a smoother game play. This doesn't mean that ghosting and/or crosstalk have been entirely eliminated (low levels can still occur), but you will notice a substantial improvement in the way action moves across your screen. Last year, we tested our blur reduction breakthrough with several professional gamers and at high profile events, and the response was so enthusiastically positive, that we decided to include the feature on our entire line of XL Series monitors.

Thanks to your valued feedback, we're releasing a firmware update for our current XL-Z Series monitors to enable the use of select BenQ-authorized third party optimization utilities. The new Blur Busters Strobe Utility for our XL-Z Series monitors – which is available now – enables the optimization of our XL-Z Series monitor's blur reduction settings to allow you to customize it according to your own personal gaming preferences. Although our monitors are already optimized for high speed gaming, this optional utility lets you personalize the monitor's blur reduction settings even further. Yet again, BenQ is first-to-market with this type of capability, and we're excited to offer you flexible options to achieve the best possible gaming experience.

For gamers/users with XL-Z Series monitors who would like to further customize their blur reduction functions beyond factory settings, BenQ America Corp. will provide an optional free service update to install the new firmware – you only have to pay the shipping to our service center.

Download the XL-Z Series Gaming Monitor Firmware Update document (PDF - 386kb) and follow the three simple steps to return your unit.

If you have any questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact the BenQ America Corp. support team at 1.866.600.2367.

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Start the New Year with Super Rebates!

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Jan 10, 2014

Take advantage of the dynamite deals on BenQ's top performing projectors – while supplies last! Contact your BenQ Sales Representative to learn more today.

Super Rebates on W1070 & W1500
With BenQ's W1070 and W1500 home theater projectors, the big game's larger-than-life action is within reach. The 3D-ready, 1080P projectors are now available at a super value!

W1070 Home Theater Projector

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  • W1070 
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Watch 3D in your media room or anywhere in your house or yard – wirelessly!

W1500 Home Theater Projector

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  • W1500
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Versatile MS616ST at an outstanding value
BenQ's MS616ST is a 3D SVGA projector that's flexible enough for just about any setting – from high impact presentations and data-rich spreadsheets to dynamic movies and fast action video games.

MS616ST Short Throw Projector>> 2500 ANSI lumen high brightness
>> 13000:1 high contrast ratio
>> SmartEco™ Lamp Saving Technology

  • MS616ST
  • Reg. Price $469
  • Now $100 SAVINGS = $369
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New M5 Series Projectors are Brighter with Longer Lamp Life

Posted by Bob Raymond on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

New Projectors Offer Ultra-Bright 3000 ANSI Lumens, New Presenter Tools, and
Up to 10,000 Hours of Lamp Life

MS521 ProjectorWe introduced our revamped line of M5 series projectors on October 31st this year. Comprised of the MS504, MS521, MX505, MX522, and MW523, the projectors specifically designed for small to medium-sized spaces, now bring an ultra-bright 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, Colorific™ image quality, and an astounding 10,000 hours of maximum lamp life for home, business, and education settings. The projector family's newest products also feature both Blu-ray and stereoscopic 3D support in addition to a wide range of new presenter tools.

Download the upgrade/comparison chart.

lcdm ms521 305x224Read the full press release.

Learn more about the M5 Series Projectors:

We look forward to your feedback.

Many thanks,

BenQ Projector Marketing Team

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BenQ MX661 Projector Simplifies Wireless Presentations for BYOD Applications

Posted by Bob Raymond on Wed, Aug 14, 2013

Now Shipping, Corporate Projector Introduces Latest QPresenter App for Handheld Device Sharing

Conference Room Projector PictureBenQ America Corp. announced on 23 June 2013 the availability of its new MX661 projector. Designed for corporate applications, the device features 3,000 lumens of brightness, a 13000:1 contrast ratio, and energy-saving technology to lower the projector's total cost of ownership (TCO). Delivering an amazing one billion stunning colors, the MX661 offers Colorific™ image quality for accurate, crisp, and long-lasting color. With the MX661, BenQ is also introducing its latest version of QPresenter — the wireless software app that lets presenters and participants share files directly from their handheld devices.

MX661 Interactive Projector ImageTo balance superior image quality with today's Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requirements, BenQ's MX661 uses XGA native resolution to bring more picture details to the screen. When paired with the QPresenter app, up to four participants can collaborate and share documents, photos, and Internet content directly from their tablets to the boardroom's projection display. Users can also collaborate on Office and iWork® documents, capture live photos, as well as upload and download files directly from iTunes®, Dropbox, or their email accounts.

Learn more by reading the full press release.

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BenQ Donates MX813ST Classroom Projector to Boost Interactive Learning for United Teachers of Dade

Posted by Bob Raymond on Mon, Jul 15, 2013

On 11 July, BenQ announced that the company donated a MX813ST short-throw projector to the United Teachers of Dade (UTD) in order to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of its teaching staff. As part of UTD's Professional Development, Best Practices for Interactive Whiteboard Program, a teacher will be using the projector to help transform classroom learning into a more interactive experience.

This is a very interesting time for teaching professionals and the entire education sector," said Charles Belekis, Specialist of Educational Policy, UTD. "With so many new tools at their disposal, teachers are rethinking the way they present their lesson plans, as access to technology continues to change the way students learn. Thanks to our new development program and with the help of companies like BenQ, we are able bridge the knowledge gap, bringing more collaborative, next-generation classroom experiences to both our teachers and students."

Buy the MX813ST

Read the Full Press Release

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BenQ Introduces Amazing ZeroFlicker™ Technology for Gaming at MLG Spring Championship

Posted by Bob Raymond on Fri, Jun 28, 2013

eSports Athletes Get First Look at New LED Monitor Innovation That Eliminates Flicker Issues for Longer, More Comfortable Gaming Sessions

BenQ gaming monitorBenQ America Corp., an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced on June 27th that as the official gaming sponsor of Major League Gaming (MLG), it will be unveiling its new ZeroFlicker™ Technology at the 2013 MLG Spring Championship held in Anaheim, Calif., June 28-30. Designed with gamers in mind, the new technology is engineered to eliminate traditional LED flicker issues in monitors, supporting eSports enthusiasts in longer gaming sessions by providing more comfort during competitive play.

ZeroFlicker will be available on BenQ's new XL2420TE monitor in July before being gradually incorporated into all BenQ gaming monitors. ZeroFlicker Technology provides a new direct lighting system that enables gamers to practice during longer periods thanks to improved LED comfort. As a result, eSports athletes and amateur gamers alike are able to experience fast, flicker-free gaming on devices that are built specifically for the requirements of today's competitive gaming situations where speed, comfort, and control are paramount to success.

>> BUY the new XL2420TE!

>> Read the Full Press Release!

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BenQ Unveils Brilliant Display Products at InfoComm 2013

Posted by Bob Raymond on Tue, Jun 25, 2013

Company Expands Leadership with New Digital Signage and Interactive Touch Displays, High Brightness Projectors, Classroom IQ Solutions, and Enhancements to World-Leading SmartEco™ Technology


BenQ America Corp., the world's No. 1 DLP® projector brand and globally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, on May 16th 2013 announced its product lineup for InfoComm 2013. With an award-winning family of projectors, monitors, and flat-panel displays, BenQ demonstrated Colorific™, the industry's new standard for brightness, image quality, and energy savings within the business, education, and digital signage spaces.



On June 10th we announced Colorific™. The program is geared towards educating end users on the benefits of the company's projectors, which bring more accurate color representation, crisp contrast, and longer-lasting quality to any application from boardrooms and classrooms to dedicated theaters and living rooms.

>> Read the Full Press Release
>> Watch the Colorific Video


SmartEco™ Technology - Discover why it brings pure brilliance and smarter savings to your projection solutions

During the show we announced that our energy-saving SmartEco™ technology will be available with new expanded features across all product lines. Designed to provide energy efficiencies without compromising picture quality, the power-saving technology now includes new modes such as ImageCare, LampCare, and LumenCare, which build on our existing Economic mode to dynamically adjust lamp power, provide longer lamp life, and lower projectors' total cost of ownership (TCO).

>> Read the Full Press Release
>> Watch the SmartEco Video


The BenQ W1500 - Our first wireless, full HD, 3D home theater projector. You won't believe your eyes!

The W1500 projector integrates the latest technology for one of a kind, big screen, at home entertainment enjoyment.  As the world's first home projector with built in wireless feature, enjoy full HD 3D videofor ultra-smooth motion quality, brilliant color performance and the flexibility of placing the projector in any room, regardless of size and brightness!

>> View the Product Page
>> Watch the W1500 Video


New Short Throw Projectors - We've expanded our lineup of flexible, eco-friendly, short-throw projectors with the new MX819 and MW820

We also introduced the latest additions to our SmartEco™ line of short-throw classroom projectors: the MX819ST and MW820ST. Designed to bring flexibility, performance, and energy savings to small and medium education spaces, the projectors feature lower short-throw ratios, sharper image quality, and BenQ's leading energy-saving technology to lower the devices' total cost of ownership (TCO), while attaining an unparalleled maximum of 10,000 hours of lamp life.

>> Read the Full Press Release
>> View the MX819ST Product Page
>> View the MW820ST Product Page
>> Watch the MW821ST Projector Video


InfoComm 2013 rAVe BenQ Video Collection

rAVe Publications followed us around the show and shot footage.     They  coveredr new products and technologies and even had some fun along the way.  Feel free to LIKE and SHARE the videos!

>> Watch all of the rAVe BenQ Videos

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BenQ to Unveil Brilliant Display Products at InfoComm 2013

Posted by BenQ America Online on Sat, May 18, 2013

BenQ's New Display Product Lineup

InfoComm in June is always an exciting time of year at BenQ

We are pleased to announce our product lineup for InfoComm 2013 in addition to our award-winning family of projectors, monitors, and flat-panel displays, we will demonstrate the industry's new standard for brightness, image quality, and energy savings within the business, education, and digital signage spaces. See these new BenQ products and others in booth 3071 at InfoComm 2013 and watch for more details on our website & FB pages.

We're expanding our leadership with new digital signage and interactive touch displays, high brightness projectors, classroom IQ solutions, and enhancements to World-Leading SmartEco™ Technology

Leading Commercial-Grade Flat-Panel Displays for Any Application

new thin bezel interactive displaysWith three new flat-panel display lines designed for around-the-clock-operation, BenQ is bringing big changes to digital signage for retail, corporate, education, hospitality, and public spaces. Made for today's high-traffic retail and restaurant settings, the durable mainstream SL Series provides a dust-proof design, daisy chain capabilities, and delivery of dynamic content to different locations. The interactive IL Series features up to six-point multitouch displays — the highest number of touch points in the industry — as well as ambient light sensors for energy efficiency and LAN Control for remote management and maintenance. The ultra-slim P Series, featuring a super-narrow bezel design of only 5.6 mm between two adjacent screens and up to 10x10 display capability, delivers more seamless video walls within large signage environments.

All BenQ flat-panel displays feature a Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) application, which enables control of up to 98 displays simultaneously through the local network. The application also monitors the health of each display and coordinates sequential startups to prevent power surges. To improve energy performance and reduce maintenance costs, BenQ's public information displays feature sensors to automatically adjust brightness, anti-image retention to prevent the "burned-in" effect after extended periods of usage, and scheduling management to allow users to program up to seven sets of on/off times down to individual video input sources. All models feature landscape and portrait modes.

Bright Light, Big Picture: BenQ's Large Venue, High-Brightness Projectors

To bring the full A/V experience to big spaces at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), BenQ will introduce two new additions to its high-brightness projector lineup. BenQ's SH963 and SX914 high brightness projectorSX914 projectors shine at an astounding 6,000 lumens of dual-lamp power with extra-sharp XGA resolution (SX914). The full HD 1080p models feature high contrast ratios of 50,000:1, detail-enhancing HQV processors, big zoom capabilities, horizontal/vertical lens shifting, 2D keystone correction, and throw ratios of up to 2.43 to decrease setup time and enable more efficient presentations. With a number of connectivity options including dual HDMI®, these projectors deliver amazing picture quality to any of today's conference room or lecture hall environments. Learn more about MX661

Classroom IQ Solutions: Smart Innovations For Today's Wireless Schools

New for InfoComm 2013 are BenQ's Classroom IQ Solutions. To support the bring your own device (BYOD) trend arising in schools today, BenQ has developed the QDraw3 interactive software and app, which enables teachers to present and annotate directly onto teaching materials as well as share annotations with students, view each other's screens, and share control of classroom content.

mx661 classroom projectorIn addition, the latest version of BenQ's interactive QPresenter software and app will be revealed. The enhanced MX661 QPresenter allows teachers and students to sketch directly onto existing documents, display files, access the Web, and share photos and content from iTunes®, Dropbox, or email via simple virtual keypad control directly from tablets. The latest update also allows built-in cameras on both smartphones and tablets to project images directly onto the classroom's projection screen, as well as providing administrators with remote monitoring and management tools. To further encourage interactive learning, the new BenQ PointDraw™ Pen 3.0 offers an even smoother writing experience. To demonstrate its Classroom IQ Solutions, BenQ will debut its new MX819ST and MW820ST short-throw projectors. With XGA and WXGA resolutions, contrast ratios up to 13000:1, and more than 3,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, classrooms will never need to dim the lights again.

To further reduce power consumption and TCO, BenQ projectors will be available with three enhanced SmartEco energy-savings modes capable of extending lamp life up to 10,000 hours of pure brilliance:

SmartEco ImageCare: Dynamically adjusts lamp power between 100 and 30 percent to increase lamp life up to 6,500 hours; available on existing models
SmartEco LampCare: Adjusts lamp power between 80 and 20 percent for an incredible 10,000 hours of maximum lamp life; available on the new MX819ST and MW820ST as well as upcoming models
SmartEco LumenCare: Power consumption is initially locked at 80 percent before gradually raising power to ensure 2,000 hours of constant brightness and up to 6,000 hours of total lamp life; available on Q4 2013 models

Business Projectors Offer Complete Boardroom Solutions at a Lower TCO

As a leading DLP projector brand, BenQ will present new lines of business projectors at InfoComm 2013. With the M5 projector series, small and medium spaces benefit from an improved contrast ratio of 13,000:1, up to 6,500-hour lamp life, and support for 3D Blu-ray™ players via HDMI and NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™. The M6 series further augments the value proposition by providing up to 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, wireless connectivity options, incredible image quality, color longevity, mobile device integration, hassle-free maintenance and security, and PC-less presentation using USB drives. For the total projection package, BenQ's new M7 Series shines a leading 4,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, provides LAN control for easy maintenance, and introduces new thoughtful innovations such as USB camera integration, remote desktop capabilities, wireless display options for cable-free connections, and projection templates to make presentations even easier.

The World's First Wireless Full HD Projection Solution With 3D Support

At InfoComm 2013, BenQ is unveiling its powerful 3D solutions with the W1500 new HD1080P with 3Dworld's first built-in 5GHz wireless full HD 1080p projector. Designed mainly for home theater settings, the new W1500 projects uncompressed full HD images from sources such as Blu-ray and DVD players, AV-R players, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles without the need for HDMI cables. The unit also enables mobile device integration for easy wireless connectivity with an Apple® TV or iPad®.

"Our goal has always been clear and simple — to deliver high quality yet affordable display solutions to our customers across all verticals from the living room to the classroom," said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. "BenQ's InfoComm 2013 introductions continue to lead the marketplace by setting new standards in brightness, image quality, and energy efficiency. With the success of our new expanded line of flat-panels and interactive touch displays, we're bringing innovations to today's public spaces. Plus our projection solutions keep on offering the smartest and most comprehensive features lowering total cost of ownership for today's eco-friendly users."

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M6 Series Entry Level DLP Projectors from BenQ

Posted by Marketing Staff on Thu, May 02, 2013

BenQ Combines Performance and Affordability in 'M6 Series' Projectors Release

New Entry-Level Projector Line Brings 13000:1 Contrast Ratios, Up to 3,500 ANSI Lumens of Brightness, and SmartEco™ Technology to the Business, Education, and Home Space

BenQ recently introduce a new group of M6 Series of advanced business, education and home projectors. The product line comprisedMS618ST Short throw DLP projector of the MS616ST (pictured), MX618ST, MX662, and MW663 models feature superior contrast ratios of 13000:1, up to 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, and BenQ's world-leading SmartEco™ technology to cut energy consumption by up to 70 percent. In addition to high-performance features, the projectors include wireless connectivity options, mobile device integration when paired with BenQ's Qpresenter app for the iPhone® and iPad®, hassle-free maintenance and security, and short-throw capabilities (MS616ST & MX618ST) to provide flexible setups in any setting.

Designed for corporate, classroom, and personal spaces, the MS616ST and MX618ST short-throw projectors combine installation flexibility with multimedia performance to bring quality video to rooms of all sizes. With SVGA (MS616ST) and XGA (MX618ST) native resolutions, 10W speaker sound, and wireless connectivity for "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) scenarios, the projectors are the simplest way to create immersive content with full-out A/V control. For more brightness in classroom and boardroom settings, the MX662 provides 3,500 ANSI lumens of light while the MW663 shines at 3,000 ANSI lumens with widescreen WXGA native resolution for larger-frame projections.

"With our latest M6 Series projectors, BenQ is giving customers affordable options without compromising on features and performance," said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. "No other family of projectors combines the picture performance of a six-segment color wheel, presenter tools like wireless display, and the power-saving capabilities of BenQ's SmartEco technology. These projectors will open up new possibilities for exciting, cost-effective content displays in any of today's home, education, or business settings."

For added flexibility, the BenQ M6 Series features wireless display options for cable-free connection to content sources. When paired with BenQ's Qpresenter app for the iPhone and iPad, users can transfer files from their handheld iOS devices directly to the projection screen to create a complete BYOD experience. For PC-less presentations, users can insert USB drives for instant plug–and-play which speeds up classroom and boardroom presentations and provides more seamless content connectivity to home theater setups. To protect investments, all M6 Series projectors come equipped with clips for Kensington locks and provide top lamp doors for hassle-free lamp replacement.

With BenQ's SmartEco technology, users gain the same brightness, features, and performance at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). For instance, in Smart Eco projectors cost less to operate"Smart Eco" mode, projectors automatically adjust lamp power by up to 70 percent in order to use just the right amount of brightness needed. The result is an astounding 6,500 hours of lamp life without any compromise to picture quality. To further reduce power consumption, an "Eco Blank" mode allows teachers or presenters to blank out the screen whenever projection isn't needed while a "No Source Detected" mode automatically lowers brightness to 30 percent when no display has been detected for more than three minutes. An audio pass through function also preserves lamp life by enabling only sound when projectors are on standby.

Available now, the BenQ MS616ST, MX618ST, MX662, and MW663 retail at $699, $899, $799, and $799 respectively.

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M7 Series High Brightness Projectors for Classrooms

Posted by BenQ America Online on Fri, Apr 26, 2013

BenQ's M7 Projector Series Brings High Brightness and High Performance to Classrooms and Large Venues

Recently, BenQ America Corp. announced its new M7 Series of high-brightness, high-performance projectors. Designed for education and other large-venue settings, the product line comprised of the MX720, MW721, MX722, MX766, and MW767 (pictured below) features up to 4,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, contrast ratios extending to 13,000:1, and power-saving technology to cut energy consumption by up to 70 percent. Additionally, the projectors feature LAN control for easy maintenance, complete mMW767 High Brightness Classroom Projectrultimedia connectivity options, and thoughtful innovations in higher models, such as USB camera integration and remote desktop capabilities to facilitate classroom management, wireless display for cable-free connections, and projection templates to make presentations easier.

Built for classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and other large venues, the M7 Series provides more light output than previous projector lines. With 3,500 (MX720 and MW721), 4,000 (MX722 and MX766), and 4,200 (MW767) ANSI lumens of light, the projectors offer astounding brightness within any ambient light setting. The projectors feature XGA (MX720, MX722, and MX766) and wider WXGA (MW721 and MW767) native resolutions for sharp images, built-in 10W or 20W speakers for added convenience, and a six-segment color wheel to cast lifelike images onto the screen.

"By introducing the new M7 Series of high-performance projectors, BenQ is providing the presentation market with the brightest output capabilities to date," said Lars Yoder, President at BenQ America Corp. "The lineup combines power-saving technology, flexible maintenance and connectivity options, wireless display options, and more to help simplify the presentation workflow. Now larger room environments can also enjoy a complete projection package that shines exceptional brightness at a lower total cost of ownership."

Lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), all models feature an "Eco Blank" mode, allowing presenters to blank out the projection screen whenever the projector is not in use. To further reduce energy costs, the MX720, MW721, MX766, and MW767 use BenQ's world-leading SmartEco™ technology to enable power-saving features at the click of a button. In the "SmartEco" mode, the projector automatically adjusts lamp power by up to 70 percent — using just the right amount of brightness that is needed. A "No Source Detected" mode automatically lowers brightness to 30 percent when no display has been detected for more than three minutes, while a "Standby" mode lowers power consumption to less than 0.5W while the projectors are inactive. In addition, the M7 Series features an audio pass through function that further preserves lamp life by enabling just sound for audio-only podcasts or presentations.

For IT managers, facility-wide maintenance is made simple with features such as scheduling, monitoring, email alerts, and control of multiple A/V gear, which are all provided via an intuitive user interface. Using a LAN control feature, the M7 Series provides support for Crestron®, SNMP, PJLink®, and AMX® systems, enabling remote management and control in addition to projector maintenance from workstations. Lamp replacement has also been made extra easy with access from the top of the projector, while a security bar enables fastening to Kensington locks to protect investments.

To make teaching and presentations easier, the MX766 and MW767 models add wireless display options for cable-free connections to content sources. When paired with BenQ's Qpresenter app for the iPhone® and iPad®, users can transfer files from their handheld iOS devices directly to the projection screen to partake in "Bring Your Own Device" scenarios. For PC-less presentations, participants can use USB drives for instant plug and play, enabling both students and teachers to quickly setup and run their presentations. With the remote desktop feature, the MX766 and MW767 allow users to access files via LAN connection, which removes the need for a computer in the classroom. The projectors also introduce USB camera integration for better classroom management, allowing teachers and administrators to monitor multiple classrooms remotely.

For complete connectivity, the M7 Series features LAN Display for full projection management via a single LAN cable, dual HDMI® and D-sub ports to enable inputs from several sources, and DLP Link™ support for 3D projection. Other features include "instant restart," which allows rapid rebooting when devices are accidentally switched off, and a microphone input to facilitate setups by eliminating the need to carry speakers.

Accepting pre-orders now, the BenQ MX720, MW721, MX722, MX766, and MW767 retail at $1,299, $1,499, $1,499, $2,199, and $2,399, respectively.

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